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Hyuna doesn’t agree.

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sohyun’s pink hair appreciation

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Watched ASC ^^ So, you were part of the Live Audience?

I was one of the hangouts xD

the girls from Mexico:P  I didn’t talk though, my friend did and she asked woohyun to do the heart dance xD, I was just there doing faces in the back

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OMG!! You're going on after school club?! Who's the star guest? DAMN!!! You're so lucky!! Tell kevin I said hi ;D And the clothes don't really show, so I don't think you should bother a lot with it :)




haha oww still I’m worried lmao key is gonna see me!!!  -runs around in circles-

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tenshisu said: omg congrats you get to talk to wookey! just dress like you’re meant to impress, but only on the top part cause really they can only see your top side.

sob I’m so nervous cause I mean.. it’s wookey they’re fashion icons lmao, and I have nothing to wear, WHY CAN’T I BE LIKE  ”GOIN SHOPPIING” FOR SITUATIONS LIKE THESE SOB

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so um guys….

If you could be on one of those after school club hangouts with your idols…. 


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screencap meme: hyuna - ice cream

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shit hello venus does/says | birth of venus ep. 01

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  1. superpinkpayb said: 4shared =) also i used to torrent full albums on piratebay
  2. taroppa said: Usually just off Youtube with some software.
  3. changpup said: pirate bay or 4shared or i just google and dig until i find what i want
  4. jonginitry said: mp3boo is pretty good i guess ^~^

I can’t find Ed Sheeran music anywhere :(  I’ll try with torrents…

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where do you guys ~ illegally ~ download non kpop music? lolol 

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